Known for our creative visual communication solutions and our healthy respect for both time and budget guidelines.

Karen Moeller Design (affectionately known as MOE Design) launched in 2003. We have proudly served national clients, as well as those in Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan. We specialize in creative visual communication solutions using illustration and graphic design, producing award-winning work. Our greatest reward, though, is a happy client whose expectations have been exceeded by excellent design and the results it brings.

When people discover we’re a husband and wife team, they ask how we’re able to work together. The truth is, it’s really easy. We enjoy much mutual respect. We’ve always been each other’s best friend and we have very complimentary skill sets. I (Karen) am spontaneous, intuitive and creative—a dreamer. Chas is analytical, logical and orderly—a realist. In a nutshell, I can’t add double digit numbers together in my head and Chas draws his Pictionary pictures slanted (I say he draws in italics). We joke that he’s the left brain, I’m the right, and together we have one complete brain.

So check out our work. If you like what you see, give us a call. We can help you communicate your message in a way that will set you apart.

We pride ourselves on the highest level of customer service.

Chas Moeller is the managing partner—with his finger on the pulse of your project and your needs from beginning to end.

Karen Moeller is the creative lead — art director, illustrator, designer and fine artist.

You graphic
It’s all about you.

Your audience, your communication goals, your personality, your brand, your message.

A message is comprised of two parts: the content—what you have to say and the delivery of that content—what the audience sees. Without good “delivery” of a message—no matter how good the content—it is easily ignored. In a world of fast sound bite communication, where we are bombarded continually, how will you distinguish your message from the noise of competing voices?

The value of good illustration and design is that it draws attention and describes content. It catches the eye and stops the reader long enough to engage them into the message.

Our creative process begins with an information gathering session where we listen very intently, carefully generating the design criteria for your project. We explore your communication goals and consider your primary and secondary audiences. We develop your key messaging. We talk about look & feel, tonality, style, color – among other criteria critical to a successful outcome.

Subsequently, our creative engine engages as we interpret and distill this all down into viable design solutions. Typically we present a range of conceptual directions for your review. Once approved, we refine the chosen concept into final form, and proceed to creating press-ready or web ready art.

Our primary goal is always to make the delivery of your message the very best it can be. So take your time, browse through our site, enjoy the depth and range of our creativity. You will see examples of some very fine award winning work, entrusted to us from a wide array of wonderful clients. We sincerely hope you’ll be the next one!

Solutions that work.
A case study.

Solutions that work.
A case study.

Hand Hygiene Compliance
In the healthcare industry, hand-washing is critical for patient care and safety.

Communication Goal: Increase compliance to 90% or above.

Leveraging a game metaphor, multiple ad campaigns were launched over a two year period. During that time, compliance jumped dramatically, from 76% to 98%! Here was hard data that proved the value of strong concepts and the impact of compelling visual communication.

See all compliance ads

Licensed Products:
A bit of whimsy.
Licensed Products: A bit of whimsy.

Clothespin Turtle

A pattern made of clothespins launched a whole new illustration style and a series of products and surface designs.

See licensed products and surface design.

An explosion of color.
An explosion of color.

Fine Art
“Drawing and painting is in my DNA, and I continually push myself to the edge of my competence in order to learn and grow.” — Karen Parker Moeller

Karen’s art has been on display at three ArtPrize competitions. Inquire about fine art prints by contacting us.

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