Acoustic Routes

Acoustic Routes logo design is reminiscent of letterpress printing make-ready sheets. Acoustic Routes productions focus on blues, Americana, bluegrass, country, Irish trad and more. Based in Saline Michigan, Acoustic Routes hosts shows monthly as well as the annual fund-raiser for the Breakfast at St. Andrew’s.

Posters are created for the Breakfast at St. Andrew’s to advertise the event and to sell at the concert venue. The Breakfast was founded in 1982 and provides nutrition and fellowship to anyone in need. Every day since then, volunteers have served a free breakfast to 90 to 150 guests from the parish hall of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Ann Arbor, MI. Some are homeless. Others are working men and women struggling in a difficult economy.

Poster art for the most recent concerts were printed on letterpress. The illustrations were linoleum blocks hand-carved by Karen. Above you can see Karen loading ink onto the inking plate and the linoleum block on the print bed. The letterpress printing is a labor of love by a team of three: Jim Cain, founder of Acoustic Routes, and Chas and Karen Moeller.

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