Office of Patient Experience

The mission of the Office of Patient Experience is to promote and sustain the ideal patient experience through excellence in patient and family centered care.

Many of our projects for Michigan Medicine included creating sub-branding systems to help identify different departments while adhering to Michigan Medicine standards. Think of nesting dolls: the department sits inside the overall Michigan Medicine brand which sits inside the University of Michigan brand. The Office of Patient Experience had ongoing needs for communication in the form of posters, digital signage, patient-facing collateral and items for events. We developed a circular grid which provided many different configurations for variety. We applied Michigan Medicine colors and fonts. Plus, all art was punctuated by the very recognizable block M logo. Samples above include the covers of: a patient-facing guidebook, procedure preparation booklets, comfort brochures and an annual report.

See the Office of Patient Experience Annual Report.

Client: Office of Patient Experience, Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan

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