U-M Concussion Center Inaugural Annual Report and Leave Behind

The department tasked us with creating bold, friendly layouts to draw readers in to the content. An optimistic mood was important and separate graphic elements were created. First we recreated a schematic of their Synergy of Excellence. This graphic encapsulates their three main functions: Clinical, Research and outreach. Second, a bold info-graphic describes the mission and vision of the department, and statistical information about concussions. We used bold colors, a tight grid and icons to accomplish the criteria.

The “leave behind” pamphlet/poster (5th image) is a multi-folding tabloid 2-sided sheet. Each fold-out reveals a different piece of overview information about the department. Fully open it becomes a poster suitable for hanging in gyms and exercise areas. Signs of concussion and when to seek help are explained through bulleted text and icons.

The mission of the Concussion Center is to maximize societal and individual health through the relentless pursuit of concussion knowledge

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Client: Michigan Concussion Center, University of Michigan

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